MA programs

Master of Arts (abbreviated MA or M.A.) degrees are graduate-level achievements conferred by universities around the world. Taking a Master of Arts degree can offer a number of diverse benefits ranging from enhanced career prospects to improved problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Additionally, a Master of Arts can lead to post-graduate study in a PhD program. Specialized subjects within disciplines in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and sometimes Business and Law, fall within the academic realm of Master of Arts. MA candidates are often required to complete research and present a thesis paper prior to completion of their degree.

The variety of different Master of Arts programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Master of Arts degrees listed below.

תארים שניים באמנויות שנוספו לאחרונה

Fuller Theological Seminary

תואר שני במנהיגות עולמית

דצמבר 5, 2018
עכשיו, עם שני סמינרים של שבוע אחד בלבד בקמפוס, המאגר הקצר ביותר של MAGL-Fuller - מאזן את התוכן היצירתי המקוון עם הדינמיקה הטרנספורמטיבית של מנהיגי עמיתים המתכנסים יחד כדי לחלוק את החיים ואת הלמידה. מיועד למנהיגים עם לפחות ארבע שנות ניסיון בכנסייה, במשימה, ללא מטרות רווח או בתפקיד עסקי, הפורמט המקוון של MAGL תומך בך בהקשר המשרד שלך תוך כדי לימוד.… [+] [-]

Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts

MA לאמנות

דצמבר 4, 2018
קורס זה פתוח לסטודנטים אשר סיימו את כל האמנות או עיצוב בנושא נושא בנושא, אשר כבר יש את הידע והניסיון של אזור מומחה. תואר שני יאפשר לך להמשיך את תחום ההתמחות שלך תוך תמיכה במרצים.

American University In the Emirates

מגיסטר לאמנויות בדיפלומטיה

נובמבר 29, 2018
וינסטון צ'רצ'יל, לשעבר ראש ממשלת בריטניה, אמר פעם: "דיפלומטיה היא אמנות של אנשים ללכת לעזאזל באופן כזה שהם מבקשים כיוונים". כאשר הדיפלומטים עוסקים בסכסוכים מרכזיים בעולם מחילוקי דעות לסכסוך עימותים, חיוני להם להיות טקט כאשר עוסקים בנושאים אלה. במשא ומתן, דיפלומט מנסה להשיג את העסקה הטובה ביותר האפשרית בצורה הטובה ביותר, כדי לוודא את האינטרסים של המדינה הבי… [+]תה מוגנים. [-]

אוניברסיטאות במדינת ישראל

שנה מיקום

מהו תואר שני באמנויות?

From the Latin Magister Artium, a Master of Arts (abbreviated MA, M.A. or AM) is a graduate degree awarded by universities around the world. Most Master of Arts programs fall within one of the following academic groupings: humanities, geography, anthropology, social sciences, communications, linguistics and at some universities theology or nursing. An MA is distinct from the Master of Science (MSc), which is a degree for graduates in the sciences, engineering, technology, medicine or sometimes business. A Master of Arts degree offers a broad, graduate-level understanding in a specific discipline, area of study or interdisciplinary field.

What are the benefits of taking a Master of Arts?

There are a number of measurable benefits to taking a Master of Arts, which can satisfy professional, personal and academic motivations. MA graduates are considered highly qualified in their field, and are often considered for more career opportunities than those with a bachelor’s degree or secondary school diploma. The disciplines which fall within a Master of Arts offer specialists in these fields the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of career paths. The challenges faced during the time completing a Master of Arts will prepare graduates for tackling professional challenges throughout their career. The independent research that MA students are typically required to complete for a thesis project teaches research methods that will serve the student well throughout their future endeavors.

What do we study in a in Master of Arts?

Master of Arts degrees are offered in a number of disciplines, fields of study and areas of specialization. Within the humanities, MA degrees are conferred for study of Literature, History, Languages, Religion, Classics, Philosophy, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Master of Arts degrees typically specialize in a particular subject area of those disciplines. For example, one might obtain an MA in Children’s Literature, MA in Russian Culture and the Arts, MA in Political and Legal Theory or an MA in Biblical Literature. There are also Master of Arts degree programs in geography, anthropology and social sciences such as an MA in Social and Cultural Geography or an MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.

What kind of career improvement can you expect with a Master of Art?

As a Master of Arts degree offers a further level of specialization in a particular field beyond what a bachelor’s degree provides, the MA helps a great deal with career enhancement. Working professionals who have already built up some experience in their field may be eligible to secure a promotion through obtaining an MA. Master of Arts students coming directly from a bachelor’s program will find that they are often qualified for more advanced, higher paying jobs upon graduation.

How much does it cost to take a Master of Arts degree?

The tuition and fees associated with obtaining a Master of Arts degree vary widely from one university to another, in one country or another. Some private and public organizations and university departments offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships, tuition reimbursements or stipends for Master of Arts students. Individual universities’ admissions departments will be able to provide more specific information about the costs of taking an MA degree program.

Why take a Master of Arts degree Online?

There are a number of benefits to taking a Master of Arts degree online. Online study offers the opportunity to work while studying, which can be a major relief for students’ budgets. Online Master of Arts students also use technology and e-learning to develop highly relevant technical skills in addition to their coursework. Direct communication with one’s professor is sometimes even more feasible in an online Master of Arts degree program.

How do Master of Arts degrees differ in various countries?

Universities in some countries offer Master of Arts degrees in certain disciplines which might be offered as Master of Science or Master of Philosophy degrees in other countries. For example, in many countries, Philosophy graduate students will receive an MA upon graduation. However in the UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, Norway, Hong Kong, Spain, Malaysia and a few other countries, a Master of Philosophy degree is offered. In some countries, a Master of Arts in Law may be offered, sometimes as an alternative to the conventional Master of Laws (LL.M.). You can learn more about Master of Arts degree programs in various countries around the world right here!